The Shatterizer Ceramic Vaporizer
The Shatterizer Ceramic Vaporizer
The Shatterizer Ceramic Vaporizer
The Shatterizer Ceramic Vaporizer
The Shatterizer Ceramic Vaporizer

The Shatterizer Ceramic Vaporizer

  • Ultra compact and subtle
  • Long lasting battery
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Built-in stash pot for your dabs

The Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer UK

The Shatterizer is a compact and powerful new vaporizer from the USA which is perfect for those big dab heads out there who want to be able to get their concentrates vaporized quickly and efficiently while maintaining great flavour and an amazing hit. Not only does it do that, but the Shatterizer is also incredibly subtle and even features a little built in stash pot to store your concentrates in when you are on the go.

The Shatterizer UK - Awesome Vapor Quality 

The biggest key feature of the Shatterizer, and the most obvious when you look at it, is the vapour dome at the top. The helps to make the vapour as smooth as possible and means that you get beautiful clean flavourful hits every time you use it. The Shatterizer heating chamber is ceramic and the two heating elements are wrapped around quartz rods which means you get perfect flavour every hit. The adjustable temperature means you can tailor the level of vapour to your personal taste and get it exactly the way you like it.

The Shatterizer UK - Simplicity and Subtlety

With only one button to operate it the Shatterizer couldn't be much more simple. You just click it 5 times to turn it on and then click it another three times to click between the three different temperature settings. Then you simply press and hold the button when you want it to produce vapour. It really is that easy. Thanks to it's super compact size, it is also one of the most subtle pens on the market, easily blending into the background and letting you vape in peace. To help look after those sticky concentrates, the Shatterizer has a built in stash pot which is held on the bottom of the device by a strong magnet and charging is taken care of by a micro USB charging lead which makes things about as easy as it gets when it comes to finding somewhere to give it a little boost while you are out and about.

The Shatterizer UK - Contents

  • Shatterizer Vaporizer
  • Magnetic silicone lined storage container
  • Micro USB charging lead
  • Spare Dual Quartz Coil
  • Dab tool
  • Instructions