Puffco Peak Pro Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Pro Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Pro Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Pro Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Pro Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Pro Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Pro Portable E-nail


Puffco Peak Pro Portable E-nail

  • Fully adjustable temperature settings for optimum dabbing
  • Even more power than the basic Peak for big dabs
  • Carry case makes it perfectly portable
  • Bluetooth App for ultimate control
  • Haptic (vibration) feedback

Puffco Peak Pro UK Portable E-nail

The Puffco Peak Pro UK is the latest portable e-nail from PuffCo and it takes everything that the basic Peak does but takes everything up another level. With more power, more adjustability and the addition of Bluetooth to connect it to an app, it gives the best possible mobile dabbing experience to date. 

The Puffco Peak Pro features a ceramic atomizer which helps give the cleanest flavours and the more powerful coil gives all the power you'll ever need when vaping concentrates. Unlike the basic Peak, which features 4 fixed heat settings, the Puffco Peak Pro features fully adjustable temperature settings and smart temperature control which means that it doesn't matter whether you are dropping minimal doses or hitting big fat globs, it delivers perfect hits every time.

Ultimate Convenience with the Puffco Peak Pro UK

Thanks to the addition of several new features, the Puffco Peak Pro offers one of the most convenient experiences on the market. The first big addition is Bluetooth which means you can connect your Peak to any smartphone (iPhones users will need an internet connection for this feature). With the app connected you can control both the temperature and duration of each session so you can always tune it for the perfect experience. In addition to that the app also gives you access to a wealth of data such as the adctive heat setting, the bowl temperature, the number of dabs you've had today and the total number of dabs taken on the device.

As well as Bluetooth, Puffco have also added the ability to charge wirelessly to the Peak Pro so you can use the Powerdock Wireless Charger (sold seperately) to charge the Peak Pro every time you put it down so you'll never have to worry about coming back to a device which isn't fully charged. 

Thanks to increased power and it's ceramic element the Peak Pro still heats up in an average of 30 seconds from cold so no waiting around, just turn it on and get down to dabbing. The new USB-C connection also allows for even faster charging than before so even with the Peak Pros bigger battery it will still charge fully from empty in about 2 hours and once charged it will last for up to 30 dabs thanks to it's intelligent software.

Pure flavour with the Puffco Peak Pro

The chamber on the Peak Pro is made of ceramic, just like the one on the Peak, so you will get perfect flavour every single time. The new atomizer on the Pro features a built in sensor that relays data to the base unit and ensures that it provides exactly the right amount of power at any given time no matter how big the dab and hard hard you hit it. Just like the originals they are built tough, so should last a good few weeks, if not months. Even once they do wear out they are easily replaced so if the flavour starts to fade, it's not hard to get it back to perfect just by swapping in a new atomizer and chamber. The new chambers on the Peak Pro are also much larger than the standard Peak so can can do much bigger dabs efficiently thanks to the increased surface area.

Puffco Peak Pro UK Special Features

Sealed ceramic atomizer for great flavour
Customizable LED light band
Fully adjustable temperature settings via the app
USB-C fast charging and (optional) wireless chargiing
30 second heat up time
Haptic (vibration) feedback
Carry Case included for easy transport as well as dab tool, carb cap, charger lead and cotton buds

Please note: Puffco insist that all Warranty issues are taken up directly with them.