Raw Classic Supernatural Pre Rolled Cone


Raw Classic Supernatural Pre Rolled Cone

  • Classic Raw pre-rolled cone
  • A MASSIVE 12 inches long
  • The perfect party piece 

Raw Classic Supernatural Cone

The Supernatural cone from Raw is a beast by anyone's standards. At a hefty 12 inches long it will take even the toughest of smokers by surprise and will need a decent amount of effort to finish. As the name conveys, this is a cone for the serious stoner and it is perfect for either a small group of friends, or you can even keep it to yourself if you really want to go hard.

Like all their cones, this is made from Raw Classic unbleached paper, which means you can already tell it will smoke cleanly and evenly all the way down. Each ones comes with it's roach already rolled and installed and also come with a packing rod to help you make sure it is packed as evenly and as tightly as possible.