Raw Classic 5-Stage Rawket - Pre Rolled Cones


Raw Classic 5-Stage Rawket - Pre Rolled Cones

  • Party pack of 5 cones
  • Raw Classic unbleached paper
  • 1 each of 1.25, King Size, Peacemaker, Emperador and Supernatural

Raw Classic 5-Stage Rawket Cone Set

The Raw Classic 5-Stage Rawket a must for any party animal out there. The 5 pre-rolled cones in the tube are all different sizes so you can start small and work your way up to the biggest and baddest one.

The first is a little 1.25 size cone that will get you going in no time while you start to fill the rest of these bad boys.
Next up is the standard King Size cone which gives you a little more room to play with.
After that you come to the Peacemaker which comes in at a little over 7 inches (17.5cm) long and is where the real challenge begins.
Your penultimate challenge is the Emperador which stretches out to around 9 inches (23cm) long and will really start to test you.
The final hurdle is the massive 12 inch long Supernatural cone which will take a little while to fill and even longer to smoke.

If you can deal with all these in one sitting, you truly are a stoner of legend and should be remembered for generations to come.