Puffco Peak Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Portable E-nail
Puffco Peak Portable E-nail



Puffco Peak Portable E-nail

  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Massive power so you can do big or small dabs
  • Carry case makes it perfectly portable
  • Haptic (vibration) feedback 

Puffco Peak UK Portable E-nail

The Puffco Peak UK is the first true portable e-nail from PuffCo and it's an absolute beast. It features all the latest tech and will give you massive dabbing power on the go with ultimate simplicity and the smoothest of hits thanks to water filtration and smart temperature management.

The Puffco Peak gives you the cleanest flavours and strongest effects when vaping concentrates. The Peak has four heat settings represented by the LED light band: the blue light is 450°F, green 500°F, red 550°F and white is 600°F. So it doesn't matter whether you are a dabbing newb or a seasoned pro dropping massive globs, the Peak has what you need.

The Power of the Puffco Peak UK

Thanks to massive power and it's ceramic element the average heat up time for the Peak is as low as twenty seconds which is great if you're impatient and just want to get down to dabbing. The fast charge feature also means you won't be stuck if your battery runs out, you can just plug it in and it will be fully charged from empty in two hours. Once charged it will last for up to 30 dabs thanks to it's intelligent software.

A new feature on the Peak is the the Sesh function which allows you to extend your session creating a social dab experience for you and your friends. The smart software in the Peak automatically adjust heat times if your bowl is still hot, providing a more consistent experience during repeated use or when the Sesh function is used.

Pure flavour with the Puffco Peak

The ceramic atomizers on the Peak mean the you will get perfect flavour every single time. The atomizers are built tough so should last a good few weeks and once they do wear out they are easily replaced so even if the flavour starts to fade, it's not hard to get it back to perfect just by swapping in a new atomizer.

Puffco Peak UK Vibration Feedback

Another new feature of the Peak is the haptic (vibration) feedback which tells you when the Peak has reached your desired temperature, so no more guess work or uncertainty, just wait for the tell tale rumble and off you go.

Puffco Peak UK Special Features

Sesh function
Ceramic atomizer for great flavour
LED light band
4 temperature settings
Fast charge
20 second heat up time
Haptic feedback

Please note: Puffco insist that all Warranty issues are taken up directly with them.