White Rhino Beaker Bong with Twin Tree Percs


White Rhino Beaker Bong with Twin Tree Percs

  • American made glass
  • 7mm thick
  • Twin tree percs

White Rhino Beaker Bong from the USA

Here we have an awesome looking beaker bong from the master glass blowers at White Rhino. It is crafted with advanced lamp working techniques using high grade borosilicate glass that is heat treated to be ultra durable. Borosilicate glass was even used on the NASA space shuttle so you know you are getting quality with boro' glass.

The base and neck have a frosted appearance while the clear mid section reveals the two tree percs. The large beaker base allows for ample water to be used which cools the action down and works to purify the smoke, it also allows for a large volume of smoke to enter the tube for a stronger hit than straight bongs of the same height.

From the beaker base the smoke works its way up to the double tree percolators which filter and break up the smoke, this translates to a much smoother experience and more flavoursome hit than a bong with no percs. 

It is pretty fair to say this bong is built like a tank.... at 7mm thick and 45cms tall it won't go unnoticed and will make for a nice centre piece in any smoking connoisseurs collection.

White Rhino is one of the top manufacturers of USA glass bongs and with this work of art it's easy to see why.