The Authentic Bong by Trailer Park Boys
The Authentic Bong by Trailer Park Boys



The Authentic Bong by Trailer Park Boys

  • Beaker base for increased capacity
  • Diffused downstem to improve filtration
  • Bent neck for extra comfort when you hit it 

Trailer Park Boys - 'The Authentic' Bong

The 'Authentic' Bong from the Trailer Park Boys collection is definitely the most unique in terms of it's look.

Featuring a beaker base to give decent capacity, it also helps to clean the smoke by allowing it to completely slow down and drop any solid particles that have somehow found their way through the water filtration. Above that it features a narrow pinch section which catches any droplets of water that are splashing up towards your mouth.

Once past that the neck bends at a 45 degree angle towards the user and gives the a much more comfortable experience when you are sitting and leaning back. This really is designed for people who just want to take rip after rip without having to stand up at the table or sit upright in order to get a decent hit.

The removable downstem is made of black glass to add even more style and it has diffuser holes at it's base to add as much filtration and cooling as possible. They also include a flower bowl with black glass side handle to finish the set off. To totally complete the look there is an image of all three boys on the side of the beaker section.


  • 18mm Female Stem 
  • 14mm Ground Glass Bowl.