The Slab Non-Stick Concentrate Pad - 24 x 36 inch


The Slab Non-Stick Concentrate Pad - 24 x 36 inch

  • A massive 24 x 36 inch non stick pad
  • Food grade silicone
  • Perfect for big slabs of sticky concentrate 

Oil Slick Slab Non-Stick Concentrate Pad

The Oil Slick Slab is a very large (3ft x 2ft) sheet of fine quality silicone designed for use with waxy oils and concentrates.  

The Oil Slick Slab can be used to cover surfaces to protect furniture from damage from stray flecks of sticky.  The odourless, tear-resistant, food-grade silicone is easily cleaned with regular soapy water or wet wipes and features Oil Slick's new 'Slip Grip' technology which coats the underside of the slab and stops it sliding about on your table - even on a polished surface.

You need never lose another dab to your table again with this amazing, purpose made sheeting - your concentrates are easily extracted from the non-stick silicone with no mess and no fuss.

The Oil Slick Slab is the perfect accessory for the committed concentrate enthusiast.