The Ricky Contoured Straight Bong by Trailer Park Boys



The Ricky Contoured Straight Bong by Trailer Park Boys

  • Classic straight tube design with some added curves
  • Diffused downstem to improve filtration
  • Ice pinch for extra cooling if needed

Trailer Park Boys - 'The Ricky' Contoured Straight Bong

The boys are back for more mayhem and madness with their line of glass smoking pipes.

The Ricky is a 12 inch tall tube bong but, like Ricky, it has a little bit of a bulge around the middle that helps to give it a little bit more capacity. The wide base is made of thick black glass and helps keep it super stable while the lower portion of the tube is clear and the upper part is white.

They have built an ice pinch into the bottom of the bulge and Ricky's face and signature adorn the side of the lower part of the tube so you'll always be able to remember who the most influential stoner of the 21st century is.

Every time you take a rip just remember that Ricky is proud of you and is there with you in spirit. Included with the bong is a removable diffused downstem made of black glass and a flower bowl to get you going. 


  • 18mm Female Stem 
  • 14mm Ground Glass Bowl.