Penguin Vaporizer - Dry Herb
Penguin Vaporizer - Dry Herb
Penguin Vaporizer - Dry Herb


Penguin Vaporizer - Dry Herb

  • Conduction style vaporizer
  • Pocket sized 10cm tall
  • Adjustable temperature settings

Penguin Dry Herb Vaporizer

There are a few reasons this is called The Penguin vaporizer. For a start it's small and cute, but also with it's smooth curves and contoured mouthpiece, it actually somewhat resembles the shape of an actual Penguin. 

Penguin Vaporizer - Design

The Penguin vaporizer is a smart, compact vaporizer built for dry herbs. Looking at the vaporizer you might gather where its name comes from given its emperor penguin like profile, accentuated by the mouthpiece. 

At just over 10cm tall and 2.2cm wide, it is easy to conceal and easy to pack away. The curved body gives it a comfortable feel in your hands and the blue finish makes it look just like any other regular vape from a distance. 

Penguin Vaporizer - Conduction Heating

Your dry herbs are vaporized in the fully-ceramic oven using full convection heating technology. Ceramic is great as an oven material for dry herbs because it is fully inert, so it keeps your flavour perfectly pure. Also it is great for allowing an even, consistent distribution of the heat so you don't need to keep stirring it. Heating the Penguin only takes around 30 seconds and then you are ready to rock! There's a selection of 5 different temperature settings to choose from to match your herbs. This ranges from 356 - 428°F (180 - 220°C) depending on whether you want to vape casually and enjoy mazimum flavour or whether you're trying to blow thick vapour clouds and get the maximum possible hit. 

Penguin Vaporizer - Power

Powering the penguin is a 1600mAh battery which will keep you going more than long enough. Knowing that people can be forgetful the manufacturer has added an auto shut-off feature to save you from draining your battery. When you do need to re-charge just plug the Penguin into the USB charger supplied and within 2 - 2.5 hours you'll be able to enjoy your perfectly vaped herbs again!