The Otto Grinder by Banana Bros.
The Otto Grinder by Banana Bros.
The Otto Grinder by Banana Bros.
The Otto Grinder by Banana Bros.


The Otto Grinder by Banana Bros.

The first automatic cone filling grinder!

The Otto is the most advanced new grinder to ever hit the market. Not only does it grind to perfection but it also fills your cones at the same time, saving time, effort and hassle, and giving you the perfect joint every single time!

The Otto Grinder - How it works.

The top section of the Otto is a high tech electronic grinder which has built in sensors to tell it how dense your material is and calculate things like moisture content so that it gives an optimum grind every single time. The lower part is the section which fills your cones to perfection. Thanks to the clever circuitry inside, you get a flawless fill with no air pockets and a perfect smooth draw every single time. You simply put your weed inside the Otto grinder, place your empty cone in the cone holder, attach it to the bottom of the Otto and hit the button. A few seconds later, after a few taps, you have the perfect joint ready to smoke. Just lift the Otto off the holder and you are presented with your finished cone.

The Otto Grinder UK features

The actual grinder section of the Otto is incredibly easy to operate with just one button to turn it on and one catch to open it up. The grinder teeth themselves are ultra sharp and made from aerospace grade aluminium so that they can take care of even the stickiest material. Charging is a doddle thanks to the micro USB port on the side and thanks to the suuplied O-funnel accessory you can use the Otto to fill your normal joints as well as your cones.

The Otto Grinder - What's in the box?

Otto Grinder
Cone Holder
20 King size cones by Banana Bros
4-in1 cleaning tool
USB chargin lead
Measuring cup
Snap cap cover
Cleaning Brush