The Julian Straight Bong by Trailer Park Boys



The Julian Straight Bong by Trailer Park Boys

  • Classic straight tube design
  • Diffused downstem to improve filtration
  • Ice pinch for extra cooling if needed

Trailer Park Boys - 'The Julian' Straight Bong

The boys are back for more mayhem and madness with their line of glass smoking pipes.

The Julian is a 12 inch tall straight tube bong and, like the man himself, it is a simple no nonsense piece the does a simple job VERY well. It is a simple straight tube design with white glass detailing and an ice pinch in the middle.

The diffused downstem adds a little extra cooling and filtration while you are taking your hits and the included flower bowl matches up perfectly.

You'll never forget the man himself as his likeness and signature are printed on the side of the tube itself. 


  • 18mm Female Stem 
  • 14mm Ground Glass Bowl.