The Bubbles Bubbler Bong by Trailer Park Boys



The Bubbles Bubbler Bong by Trailer Park Boys

  • Globe shaped base for extra capacity
  • Diffused downstem to improve filtration
  • Ice pinch for extra cooling if needed 

Trailer Park Boys - 'The Bubbles Bubbler' Bong

If one copy of Bubbles face isn't enough well then The Bubbles Bubbler is the Trailer Park Boys piece for you. The base is a globe shaped section which add's a massive amount of capacity, meaning it will take more than a Kitty sized pair of lungs to clear it.

Straight from the mind of Bubbles, he wanted a bong that would knock him the fuck out every time dealing with Ricky became too much effort, but also one that Ricky wouldn't steal every chance he got. This was the result. Bubbles face, plastered all over the body and neck, guarantees that everyone knows whose bong it is.

The removable downstem is made of black glass to add even more style and it has diffuser holes at it's base to add as much filtration and cooling as possible. They also include a flower bowl with black glass side handle to finish the set off.


  • 18mm Female Stem 
  • 14mm Ground Glass Bowl.