The Boys Bong by Trailer Park Boys



The Boys Bong by Trailer Park Boys

  • Beaker base for increased capacity
  • Diffused downstem to improve filtration
  • Ice pinch
  • Black glass base and neck 

Trailer Park Boys - 'The Boys' Bong

The Boys bongs is the big daddy of the Trailer Park Boys range and stands at a hefty 13 inches tall. The massive beaker base is designed to give you hits that would knock Ricky on his ass.

The dark nature of this bong is reflected in the black glass used for the base and the neck along with the diffused downstem and the handle of the included flower bowl. The Trailer Park Boys logo is printed down the neck of the bong and the face of 'The Boys' are printed on the side of the beaker itself.

If you want to make some truly massive stacks while hanging with our favourite trailer park residents then grab 'The Boys', sit back and relax. 

The removable downstem is made of black glass to add even more style and it has diffuser holes at it's base to add as much filtration and cooling as possible. They also include a flower bowl with black glass side handle to finish the set off.


  • 18mm Female Stem 
  • 14mm Ground Glass Bowl.