Roor Tech Straight Bong with Barrel and Inline Percs



Roor Tech Straight Bong with Barrel and Inline Percs

  • Inline and Barrel percs to cool and filter
  • Splash guard to keep hits clean and dry
  • Ice pinch for extra cooling

Roor Tech Bong with Barrel and Inline Percs

Continuing to be at the forefront of the glass bong industry, the team at Roor Tech show why they remain extremely popular with this exquisite double percolated bong.

Standing at 54cm tall, this monstrous glass bong is equipped with a slitted inline percolator which works in tandem with the barrel perc that is positioned in the straight tube. This double perc intensely breaks up the smoke into finer tubes, which results in a thoroughly cool and pure hit for the user.

Roor Tech complete the glass bong with a male 18.8mm three pinch bowl joint, ice notches and a splashguard.

This towering double perc glass bong comes with it's logo in original Roor Blue.

Order your RooR Tech piece from the Hot Box today and you'll be experiencing the ultimate smoking experience in no time!