Mathematix Slyme Spiral Spoon Pipe
Mathematix Slyme Spiral Spoon Pipe


Mathematix Slyme Spiral Spoon Pipe

  • High quality American borosilicate glass
  • 5mm thick
  • Carb hole and decorative marbles
  • Hand made in the USA

Mathematix Slyme Spiral Spoon Pipe from the USA

A classically shaped spoon pipe with stunning worked spiral patterns, decorative marbles, large bowl head, pinched mouthpiece and integrated carb hole. Made from 5mm thick American borosilicate glass by the master flameworkers at Mathematix Glass studios in Los Angeles. This Slyme Green versio looks absolutely insane!

Made In The USA

These gorgeous little spoon pipes are hand-made by the artisan craftsmen at Mathematix dedicated glass studios in Los Angeles, California. Using American glass, the flameworkers craft these spoon pipes to a glass thickness of 5mm for strength, heat resistance and peace of mind.

Portable And Compact

The simple spoon pipe has been aroud for years, and these pipes have retained their popularity despite other trends and fads because they simply work. No secrets, no mad scientific action or space-age perc. Just simple, reliable performance from a glass piece with a bowl, a mouthpiece, and carb hole. Spoon pipes and hand pipes are an ideal travel piece due to their small size and tough glass construction. Why not check out our Smoking Accessories section for protective carry cases and pouches to fit your new pipe?

Worked Designs

The spectacular details on these hand pipes demonstrate the skill and artistry of the master flameworkers at Mathematix Glass. The intricate spiral patterns cover the entire pipe, twisting around the bow. Decorative marble beads form a handy gripping point and prevent the pipe from tipping over on a flat surface. An absolutely stunning pipe at a great price.