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RosinBomb Rocket Rosin Press UK Edition

  • Generates over 1500lbs of pressure
  • Presses up to 5 grams of material at a time
  • Compact size, only 10 inches tall
  • Fully self contained, no pneumatic, hydraulic or manual pumps needed
  • Gorgeous brushed aluminium finish

RosinBomb Rocket UK Edition Rosin Press

The Rosinbomb Rocket UK Edition has finally landed and it's absolutely awesome!

The Rocket is the newest press from Rosinbomb, the Seattle based family firm that brought us the original Rosinbomb M50. It offers all the same convenience and features as it's bigger brother but for a fraction of the price and in a much more compact package. Like all their products, the Rocket is completely 100% American made and offers amazing performance and reliability but is designed to be much more affordable for the everyday dabber.

It uses simple electricity to power it's heat plates and the press action making it super quiet and discreet, plus at only ten inches tall it is small enough to blend in on any counter top without getting in the way. Thanks to the lack of external pumps it is completely maintenance free and so is probably the easiest press out there to operate on a long term basis.

Rosinbomb Rocket Rosin Press UK Edition Design Efficiency

 The Rocket has been designed from the ground up with the everyday home user in mind. They have made it as compact as possible without compromising on the quality of the results and without reducing it's capacity too much. The heat plates measure 3.2" x 2.8" mean you can easily press up to 5 grams of material at a time with no loss of return so you can press out whole grams of rosin in a single go without any worries at all.

The electronics precisely control the temperature of the heat plates and allow you to run anywhere from ambient temperature all the way up to around 300 Fahrenheit (149 Celcius). The optimum temperature to run is around 200-220 Fahrenheit (95-105 Celcius) so you have plenty of room either side to play around and find what temperatures work best for your materials and strains to get the best possible quality and quantity of return.

The Rosinbomb is quickly becoming the go-to company for home rosin presses and the Rocket is an awesome addition to their lineup so grab one before they're gone! 



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Great presss

Love it to bits , no problems with sale .