Roor Tech Bent Neck Cylinder Bong
Roor Tech Bent Neck Cylinder Bong



Roor Tech Bent Neck Cylinder Bong

  • 5mm thick glass
  • Ice pinches
  • Bent neck for comfort

American Roor Tech quality

This stunning glass bong from RooR Tech is made in the USA from the highest quality borosilicate glass and stands an imposing 37cm in height and is made with 5mm thick glass to ensure durability and heat resistance.

RooR Tech have equipped this waterpipe with an angled mouthpiece or 'bent neck' which makes the bong incredibly easy and intuitive to use.  The Bent Neck Bong is equipped with the Roor Tech diffused downstem as standard. This feature helps to cool the smoke as well as removing most of the carcinogens and particulates from the vapour that is to be inhaled. In addition, the Bent Neck Bong features ice notches or pinches just below the mouthpiece; this allows you to add a handful of ice cubes into the tube to give your hit a frosty cool blast just before the smoke reaches your lungs.

The bong has an 18.8mm joint and includes an 18.8mm male jointed bowl slide.

This gorgeous glass piece is finished with the iconic RooR logo on the diffuser and again in bold RooR Tech Blue and Orange just below the mouthpiece on the main tube.

This is a superb quality glass waterpipe from RooR Tech that is sure to be popular with connoisseur smokers. Order your new RooR Tech piece from The Hotbox today and experience the ultimate in glass smoking experiences for yourself.