Weed Star Ring of Fire Dab Rig


Weed Star Ring of Fire Dab Rig

  • 42cm tall and made of 4mm thick glass
  • Honeycomb percolator
  • Flower bowl and Dab nail/Vapour dome included
  • Frosted Weed Star Logo
  • 18.8mm male joint

Weed Star Ring of Fire Rig

This Ring of Fire Concentrate Rig from Weed Star is another pristine piece for your collection. Standing at over 16 inches tall, this unique design is sure to spark some conversation. Accessories for both dry herb and concentrates are included, making changing your mind even easier. A honeycomb perc works to break up the smoke so you get a smoother hit.

Honeycomb Perc Provides Sweet Relief

The honeycomb perc is one of the most well-known perc styles around, and that’s for good reason. The miniscule diffuser holes provide top notch aeration for your smoke or vapor.

Weed Star Unique Design

This ultra-unique design features some tricky twists and turns. The main water chamber is shaped similarly to a donut, with a void in the center. The ground joint sits on the site of the “donut” chamber and pulls the smoke through and below, only then injecting it into the chamber underneath the honeycomb perc.