Raw Original Rolling Tray - XXL


Raw Original Rolling Tray - XXL

  • Super tough steel tray
  • Ribbed design for added strength
  • Super sized for those who like more space

XXL Raw Original Rolling Tray

This beast of a tray is for when you just need something a little bit beefier. Whether it's for a party or just for when you want to roll massive joints at home you'll struggle to roll a joint that needs a bigger tray than this. It is their XL version and measures in at 50cm x 38cm.

This super thick tray is made of stainless steel and has a nice groove pressed into it to give it even more strength. The size is purely a result of customers requesting a bigger sized tray that is designed to be able to accommodate all your smoking kit and still leave plenty of space for rolling.

Be in no doubt, this is the undisputed king of rolling trays.