Raw Rainbow Holo-Foil Skateboard
Raw Rainbow Holo-Foil Skateboard


Raw Rainbow Holo-Foil Skateboard

  • Underside features Raw's Rainbow Holo-Foil design 
  • 8 inches wide x 32 inches long
  • Made in the USA from 7-ply Maple

Original Raw Rainbow Holo-Foil Skateboard

This gorgeous Rainbow skateboard from Raw features the Raw Holo-Foil design on the base and measures 8 inches wide x 32 inches long. 

In the words of Josh, the owner of Raw: "The RAW Rainbow Holo-Foil skateboard deck was designed to help you look good while cruising! We finished the bottom with metallic rainbow holo-foil that looks RAWesome! Just like the rest of our RAWthentic boards, the RAW Rainbow Holo-Foil is made in America from Great Lakes Maple. The Maple is 7-ply and cold pressed with Franklin glue."

Please note, this is the deck only, it does not come with trucks and wheels but don't worry, you can get everything else you need from our skate shop at www.hotboxskate.com