Raw Classic King Size Slims


Raw Classic King Size Slims

  • Made in Alcoy, Spain
  • Chlorine free/Unbleached
  • Extra slow burning but still ultra thin

Raw Classic King Size Slim Papers

For many smokers out there, maybe even the majority, Raw Classic papers are the standard by which all other papers are judged. They are made from Raw's own hybrid blend of unbleached, and therefore chlorine free, fibres to make them as clean burning as possible and also giving them a natural light brown colour. They use Raw's original crisscross watermark which prevents runs or 'canoeing', as it is sometimes called, and also slows down the burn rate which means you finally have a slow even burning paper which is still thin enough that you can actually see through it.

Save yourself a bunch of cash and a load of effort and grab yourself a box of 50 packs of Raw Classic King Size Slim papers.