Sheldon Black Pyramid Dab Rig with Fixed Downstem


Sheldon Black Pyramid Dab Rig with Fixed Downstem

  • Pyramid design for something a little different
  • Sidecar mouthpiece for comfy hits
  • A great piece from pioneer of the industry

Sheldon Black Pyramid Dab Rig

One of the pioneers of the glassblowing industry, Sheldon Black have been designing high quality glass pieces since 1988. These pyramid oil rigs continue their history of producing highly sought after products.

Standing at 18cm in height, these brilliant oil rigs are equipped with a fixed showerhead percolator. The percolator forces the vapour to be filtered through the water, this results in the cooling down of the vapour for a smoother hit.

These stylish glass pieces by Sheldon Black come complete with a sidecar mouthpiece and side cut vapour dome. Please note no nail is included.

This collection of pyramid oil rigs are just another shining example of the Sheldon Black's technically brilliant premium glasswork.

Available in different label designs: Black Metallic, Green, Tightwire, White/Black, Beige/Black.