Medicali Mini Beaker Bong with 8-Arm Tree Perc



Medicali Mini Beaker Bong with 8-Arm Tree Perc

  • Beaker base gives extra capacity
  • 12 inches tall
  • 8-arm tree perc increases filtration 

Medicali Mini Beaker Bong

Here we have another extremely well-crafted beaker bong from the Medicali Glass glassblowers. This mini glass bong comes designed in the fashionable science beaker style.

Small but extremely sturdy, this beaker bong comes equipped with a slit hole reducing diffuser that acts to bubble up the water. This breaks up the smoke particles and allows the smoke cool down for a smoother hit.

Medicali American Glass

The team from Santa Monica complete the impressive beaker bong with a female 18.8mm joint size, a male 14.5mm bowl with handle and ice notches. This means that the bong can be used with your favorite dry herbs or tobacco straight away.

Finally, the elegant clear glass bong is subtly finished with the Medicali Glass name and logo printed across the mouthpiece and diffuser.