Gravity Hill Glass Micro Bubbler Rig


Gravity Hill Glass Micro Bubbler Rig

  • Beautiful creation from Gravity Hill Glass in California
  • Inline diffuser
  • Sidecar mouthpiece for added comfort

Gravity Hill Glass Custom Dab Rig

The Micro Rig from Gravity Hill Glass is made from top quality Schott-Duran borosilicate glass and stands a diminutive 17.5cm tall over the thick circular base. 

The Micro Rig is a simple, single chamber dab rig designed for use with wax, oils, and concentrates.  The Micro rig has a fixed inline diffuser in the bottom of the chamber.  As you hit the rig, the diffuser breaks up the smoke or vapour into finer bubbles, increasing the surface area and creating a smoother smoke.

The Micro Rig from Gravity Hill has a 10mm joint size (please note, no nail is included with this rig) and comes complete with a 10mm vapor dome.

This stunning glass concentrate rig is also decorated with the iconic Gravity Hill logo.

Gravity Hill Glass are a new American glass company based in California.

Using premium quality materials and advanced lampworking techniques, this small manufacturer produces superb quality bongs and glass smoking rigs with scientific features and achingly beautiful designs.