JM Flow Sci Glass Cross Perc and Crystal Ball Bong



JM Flow Sci Glass Cross Perc and Crystal Ball Bong

  • Stunning hand made American glass
  • Stands a massive 15 inches tall
  • Features both a Cross perc and a 'Crystal Ball' perc

JM Flow Sci Glass Quality

This stunning glass bong by JM Flow Sci Glass is truly a joy to behold. Jose Navarrete and his glassblowing team have yet again pushed the boundaries in performance and design with this stylish signature perc bong.

Standing at a huge 15 inches tall, this magnificent glass bong comes equipped with not one, but two of JM's signature percolators. The first perc is the cross percolator that forces the smoke particles to break up and increases the surface area. The slitted crystal ball perc then further filters the smoke and helps remove nasty carcinogens.

Purposely built for dry herbs and tobacco, JM Flow Sci Glass complete the glass bong with a female 18.8mm joint size and male 18.8mm bowl. This allows the user to use the glass piece straight out of the box.

Sure to be a fan favourite in no time, order this JM Flow Sci Glass piece from EDIT today and receive free shipping, same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.