Hurricane TDE250 - White Topgrip/Golden Window


Hurricane TDE250 - White Topgrip/Golden Window

  • Super tough German glass
  • Swirls your smoke into a vortex as you hit it
  • Carb hole for quick clearing

R-O-B Hurricane TDE250 Bong - White Topgrip/Golden Window

These Hurricane Bongs featuring the Golden Window or Goldeneye colour schemes  become more colourful the dirtier they get! This is because of the the special characteristics of the silver nitrate mirroring, which essentially reflects more light as it becomes less transparent and as dirt is deposited.

However, it's the filtration system that defines the amazing quality of Hurricane Bongs. Fine punctures are applied laterally throughout the main body of the bong at strategic points, drawing outside air and swirling the smoke into a strong vortex as you inhale. The spinning action causes the tar and other solids in your smoke to be smeared against the glass. After the first couple of hits, a tar stripe is very clearly noticeable behind the jet-outlets inside the pipe. This process expertly purifies your smoke and makes it is as tasty as possible and ensures much less impact on the health of the smoker.

Hurricane TDE250 Toughness

This particular bong is the smallest model in the Hurricane range. Like all of R-O-B's Hurricanes, this model is made of 100% borosilicate glass and is crafted totally tension free. It has an anti-break system that ensures that the short angles of the corpus stabilise each other to add stregth, and the lack of protruding parts further ensures that the minimum amount of damage is done if the bong is dropped.

All Hurricane models are shipped as complete sets, including a splash-guard, connection rod and Vesuvio flower bowl.