Grace Glass Double Hammer Perc Bong


Grace Glass Double Hammer Perc Bong

  • Double Hammer percolator
  • 15 inches tall
  • Ice pinch

Grace Glass Double Hammer Perc

Continuing to roll out impressive glass pieces one after another, Grace Glass never falter when it comes to quality in build and design. This double percolator glass bong is another fine example of this.

Standing at 39cms in height, this beautifully decorated glass bong comes equipped with two small hammer percolators situated in the middle of the glass tube. Highly effective, these twin percolators work in tandem to break up the smoke in finer particles and thus cool down the smoke. Another role of the percolators is to help remove any nasty carcinogens from the mix. Above them it features a splash guard and finally ice notches for those bong enthusiasts who look for that extra chilled effect.

Grace Glass include an 18.8mm diffused downstem and matching 18.8mm bowl. This wonderful glass piece comes is complemented by blue accents on the percolator, splash guard and removable bowl.