Dexso DME - Ultra Pure Solvent
Dexso DME - Ultra Pure Solvent
Dexso DME - Ultra Pure Solvent


Dexso DME - Ultra Pure Solvent

  • Ultra efficient solvent for maximum yield
  • Zero impurities means super clean results
  • Works out cheaper than butane due to less solvent needed

Dexso DME - Ultra Pure Solvent

Dexso D.M.E., short for Dimethyl Ether, is the latest advancement in essential oil extraction and once you've tried it you'll never go back to traditional butane.

It yields purer results than with ethanol, gives a greater yield and is infinitely safer than butane, and is far cheaper than using CO2.

Used in the food and cosmetics industry for decades, Dexso have made D.M.E. available to the public in manageable 500ml cans ready to go. Due to the bipolarity of Dimethyl Ether it is a much stronger solvent meaning you can get perfect full spectrum extracts in a single step. Another advantage over butane is the lower temperature and lower pressure than butane, meaning far less risk. This means a higher quality and higher yield while significantly reducing the cost of full spectrum extractions.

The quality and purity of Dexso's D.M.E. is tested and approved by an independant lab certified by the Swiss government. The results can be viewed on Dexso's website. Give it a go and see why so many people choose to use Dimethyl Ether over traditional butane.

Please note, Dexso DME can only be shipped within the UK mainland, it can not be shipped overseas.