Roor Tech Pistol Triple Stack Rig
Roor Tech Pistol Triple Stack Rig
Roor Tech Pistol Triple Stack Rig
Roor Tech Pistol Triple Stack Rig



Roor Tech Pistol Triple Stack Rig

  • Stemless Inline Percolator
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • 14mm Quartz Domeless Nail
  • 5mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Sidecar Mouthpiece
  • White Roor Tech Logo

Roor Tech Pistol Triple Stack Dab Rig

This picturesque glass piece from Roor Tech is truly a marvel to behold with its clear stemless design. Without a doubt, it is one of the flagships of the Roor Tech range. Featuring a 5-slit inline percolator, this dab rig comes complete with a 14.5mm male joint, 14.5mm female domeless quartz nail, and features a sidecar mouthpiece for comfort.

Pistol Triple Stack Inline Percolator

Roor Tech equips this dab rig with a large five slit percolator that sits at the base of the chamber. This perc does a great job of forcing the vapor to diffuse into much smaller bubbles, increasing the surface area, and therefore allowing the water to do a better job of cooling and filtering it. Increasing the surface area of the vapor makes for a dramatically cooler and smoother hit.

Sidecar Mouthpiece

A sidecar mouthpiece is used in the glass piece to help eliminate the chance of water escaping from the chamber as well as to make it more comfortable to hit once you're fully lit. As the percolator causes the water to bounce and hit every corner of the chamber, it’s important to stop it leaving the mouthpiece during use, as obviously no one wants a mouthful of splashback during their dab!

Waterpipe Versatility

Roor Tech has included a removable domeless nail in the rig so it comes set up for dabbing out of the box but you can easily use it as a regular bong by simply adding a 14.4mm female herb bowl from our Bong Accessories section.