Chewy 2 Premium Electric Grinder
Chewy 2 Premium Electric Grinder
Chewy 2 Premium Electric Grinder


Chewy 2 Premium Electric Grinder

  • Fully automatic grinding and dispensing
  • Stores up to 2 grams
  • Uses a single 9v battery
  • Massive torque grinds any density herbs

Chewy Grinder for the 21st Century

Chewy have gone back to the drawing board and created a new version which is improved in every conceivable way, the Chewy 2. 

Building on its predecessors design, every aspect has been re-designed to improve functionality and style. The casing of the grinder has moved on from the plastic casing previously used and now boasts a more rugged anodized aluminium body. Up to 3 grams of dry herbs can be loaded into the Chewy 2 at a time which is then fed towards the sharp cutting blades by a spring-loaded trigger. The trigger and loading door are now independent of each other allowing the trigger to be moved without having to open the door. This is perfect for when your herbs are extra sticky and need a little encouragement. 

Operation is all done using the single button on the side for both forward and reverse controls. When not in use a silicone cap keeps the herbs from spilling out and a powerful magnet keeps the door from opening. The blade can be washed with soap and water if they become sticky and all the internal controls are removable and have a non-stick coating. 

The Chewy grinder hardly creates any noise which is perfect for a stealthy sesh. A 9 volt battery is all it needs to be able to grind up to 3000 bowls! Measuring on 3.6 x 2.9 inches (9.3 x 7.3 cm) it is compact enough to fit in any pocket, purse or bag.