Weed Star Enterprise Beaker Base Bong in Black
Weed Star Enterprise Beaker Base Bong in Black


Weed Star Enterprise Beaker Base Bong in Black

  • 19 inches tall with beaker base gives huge hits
  • Drum perc for perfect filtration
  • 5mm thick borosilicate glass

Weed Star Enterprise Beaker Base Bong

The Enterprise Beaker Base Bong from Weed Star is *the* perfect party piece from glass designer Ziggi Jackson. It comes outfitted with all the standard stuff (ground glass joints, 18.8mm flower bowl, removable diffused downstem) plus a few little extra features to make it pop.Starting with a set of basic Ice Notches which means you can add a few ice cubes to the stack for extra cooling. There is also a drum style perc which creates a massive stack of tiny bubbles and ensures your smoke is perfectly filtered before it gets to your lips. On top of all that there is a recess in the base which allows you to fit an LED unit and light up your bong for a crazy light show while you hit it.

Perfect Percolation

Most people are satisfied with a diffused downstem for their smoke filtration, but you’re not most people. You spotted the unique drum perc – and you know just how many holes are in that thing. Combine that with the standard diffused downstem, and you’re ready to fly.

Light Module compatible

On the underside of the beaker base, you’ll see an indentation with a 3-inch diameter. This feature was specifically made to hold an LED light module – allowing you to paint with all the colors of the wind.

Balanced Beaker Base

The classic beaker base (which is *technically* shaped similarly to an Erlenmeyer flask) provides pristine balance and stability. Just try to knock this thing over! (Just kidding – don’t actually do that).

Ice Notches

This piece feature ice notches in its neck. This allows you to drop ice notches into the air path where your smoke will flow across them; cooling the hit. This will make your smoking experience smooth, cool, and tasty.

High Quality Borosilicate Glass

All the best dry herb smoking pipes, bongs, and vape air paths are made out of high quality Borosilicate. This type of glass is much more heat resistant than other types of glass, this makes it much less likely to fracture from thermal shock. The process of its creation involves the addition of the chemical Boron which reduces the material stresses caused by temperature gradients.