G-Spot Beaker Ice Bong with Panzerschliff


G-Spot Beaker Ice Bong with Panzerschliff

  • Beaker base for massive hits
  • Panzerschliff joint gives unbelievable strength
  • 5mm thick German borosilicate glass

G-Spot Glass from Germany

The G-Spot Beaker bong is pretty much like any other straight cylinder bong except that it features a massive beaker section at it's base which has two added benefits. The first is that it takes a fair bit more water and so keeps your hits cleaner for longer in between giving it a wash. The second that is offers massive capacity for truly lung busting hits. They also include an ice pinch just above the beaker section so that you can add a couple of ice cubes and get that extra bit of chill in your cloud.

Epic German build quality

It is made, like all G-Spot premium pieces, of 5mm thick German borosilicate glass and it hand crafted at their facilities in Germany. It also features the infamous Panzerschliff, G-Spot's 18.8mm ground glass joint which is the strongest design ever made. Don't believe us? Then check out this video of our boss man HerbChannel paying them a visit and seeing them use one to hammer a galvanised nail into a 2x4 piece of wood.