Liquid Sci Glass Beaker Bong with 8-Arm Tree Perc


Liquid Sci Glass Beaker Bong with 8-Arm Tree Perc

  • 8-Arm tree perc for ultra efficient filtration
  • Splash Guard and Ice Pinch
  • Beaker base for added capacity

Liquid Sci Glass from the USA 

Liquid Sci Glass are killing it as usual with yet another great glass beaker bong. This gorgeous glass piece truly shows off the effort their glassblowing team put into perfectly crafting and designing every new glass product.

Standing at 26cms tall, this beaker styled bong comes equipped with an 8-arm tree percolator that forces the smoke to increase it's surface area by breaking it up into smaller bubbles. This will cool down the hit and also filter out any nasty carcinogens from the mix.

Purposely made to be used with dry herbs, the team from Liquid Sci Glass have included a removable slitted diffuser, female 14.5mm bowl, ice notches and finally a splash guard that stops any water escaping through the mouthpiece on big rips.

This superbly designed 8-arm beaker bong comes in two different colour schemes and will surely catch the eye of any avid bong enthusiast. See drop down for more info.