Alienlabs Glow Tray
Alienlabs Glow Tray
Alienlabs Glow Tray



Alienlabs Glow Tray

Illuminate your smoking session

The Alienlabs Glow Trays are the perfect smoking accessory any time, day or night. As soon as you slide it out of it's beautiful velvet sleeve and turn it on everyone will be wanting to roll on it!

Limited Edition Alienlabs Glow Tray

No more turning the lights on to interrupt a movie, just double click the button and light up your life. Not only that, but each click of the power button changes the shade and intensity of the light, giving you plenty of choice as far as how much light you need. Not only that, but if you press and hold the power button it switches to 'party mode' where it cycles through all the colours to keep it fresh.

Glow Tray simplicity

Don't worry about having to buy batteries, the Alienlabs Glow Trays have a built in battery which can last for up to 6 hours on a full charge and the USB-C charging cable means it takes under an hour to fully charge.

Glow Tray Exclusivity

Each one of these trays is a limited edition and made in extremely limited numbers so once they're gone, they're gone!