The Dubbler by MJ Arsenal



The Dubbler by MJ Arsenal

  • Water filtration for your joints
  • Twice the hit of the Martian
  • Cleaner and smoother hits

MJ Arsenal's The Dubbler - The Original Double Blunt Bubbler

Mary Jane's Arsenal just got a little bigger and a little bit more potent. The original Martian from MJ Arsenal  was a huge hit because it cleans and cools the smoke from your joints/blunts, it improves flavor because of the cooler smoke, it stops you having to keep spitting out bits of herb or ash and it also stops your hands smelling so much because you are not directly holding your blunt or joint in your hand.

The Dubbler takes that whole concept and steps it up a notch by adding another joint port so that this will take two joints/blunts instead of just one. Say hello to twice the smoke density, twice the flavor and twice the hit. These are a limited run and are sure to sell fast so grab one today before they are all gone.