Nexus Glass Twerk Perc Can Dab Rig in Purple
Nexus Glass Twerk Perc Can Dab Rig in Purple

Nexus Glass Twerk Perc Can Dab Rig in Purple

  • American made borosilicate glass dab rig
  • Gorgeous purple glass
  • Twerk perc gives great filtration and cooling

Nexus Glass Twerk Perc Can Dab Rig

This beautiful glass oil rig from Nexus Glass stands around 24cm in height from the glass base to the top of the mouthpiece.

The Twerk Perc Can Dab Rig is designed for use with oil and wax and is set up with features and details to improve your hits.  The main can houses Nexus' new twerk percolator which thoroughly breaks up vapour into finer particles, increasing the surface area and cooling the action down.  The cooling action on the Twerk Perc Rig is very similar to a lot of turbine percs - it ensures the water is rapidly aerated and thrown into every corner of the chamber to ensure the smoothest dabs imaginable.

This beautifully made glass dab rig has a standard 14.5mm male ground joint which perfectly accommodates the ornate female glass vapour dome that comes with the piece.  Please note that there is no concentrate nail included with this rig. We'd reccommend checking out our range of quartz bangers in our Dabbing section.

The Twerk Perc Can Dab Rig is yet another example of why USA based Nexus Glass have enjoyed such a meteoric rise in popularity.  Since announcing their arrival in style by landing the Best Glass award in Denver on 4/20 in 2014, these proud California glass gurus have not looked back.  Their achingly beautiful designs and quality of production have won them an army of devoted fans including celebrities like Wiz Khalifa.  Now you can buy Nexus Glass from EDIT and benefit from same-day dispatch, free shipping and our famous price match guarantee.