RosinBomb M50 Rosin Press UK Edition
RosinBomb M50 Rosin Press UK Edition
RosinBomb M50 Rosin Press UK Edition
RosinBomb M50 Rosin Press UK Edition
RosinBomb M50 Rosin Press UK Edition


RosinBomb M50 Rosin Press UK Edition

  • Over 5000lb of pressure
  • Gorgeous brushed aluminium finish
  • Fully self contained, no pneumatic, hydraulic or manual pumps needed
  • The perfect home press for anyone who loves rosin
  • Presses up to 14 grams of material at a time
  • Draws only 3.5 amps at max pressure

RosinBomb M50 UK Edition Rosin Press 

Finally there is a rosin press in the UK which can do the job properly without making you choose between having to operate a manual press or spending over £5k. The Rosinbomb M50 does everything at the touch of a button and it does it better than anything else which even comes close on price. If you want to make rosin in the comfort of your own home then the M50 is absolutely unbeatable for convenience and efficiency.

Why do you need a RosinBomb M50 UK Edition? 

Concentrates have been gaining popularity in Europe and the UK especially over the last year and one of the reasons it has been gaining traction is that the effects and flavours are so much more intense. That has meant that people are always looking for the cleanest and tastiest possible experience which in turn led to people developing solventless concentrates which were extracted without the addition of any other chemicals like butane or isopropyl alcohol and so kept the results completely pure and free from contamination. Rosin is the ultimate solventless concentrate as it is uses simple heat and pressure to literally squeeze the resin out of your dry herbs meaning 100% purity and 0% contaminants. Knowing that, it was simply a matter of finding what we thought were the best possible presses out there, and after trying many, the Rosinbomb M50 UK Edition rosin press came out on top! 

I know what you are thinking. Surely there is no point spending all this money on a rosin press when I can do butane extraction for so much less? Right? Wrong! Once you have bought your RosinBomb M50 you are good to go, no constant expense of solvents, no danger of using flammable/explosive materials, no spending a week waiting for you solvents to purge out, no constant cleaning. With regular solvent extraction your expenses can mount into hundreds very quickly and even then there is no guarantee something won't go wrong. With the Rosinbomb UK Edition you have unrivalled safety, convenience and speed in the comfort of your own home. 

RosinBomb M50 Rosin Press UK Edition Simplicity and Speed

As we said above, the biggest reason many people choose rosin is that it is solventless and so completely pure but the second big reason people choose to go for rosin is the speed and simplicity of the process. You don't need to plan ahead, you can just be spontaneous. Even from cold the heat plates warm up in around 15 minutes and that is longest part of the process. Once the plates are warm you can go from dry herb to rosin in less than three minutes! Just grab some bud, compress it into a small ball, put some grease proof paper in the press to cover the heat plates and catch the rosin and away you go. It really is that simple. 

The entire device is only around 16 inches tall and even though it is built into a compact package it still delivers almost 5500lb of force which translates with an average load to upwards of 1000psi! This extreme pressure literally squeezes the liquefied resin out of the buds and there you have your rosin. No hassle, no fuss, just press a button and go!

Why choose the Rosinbomb M50 UK Edition over a cheaper desktop press?

Quite simply it all comes down to rate of return. Small desktop presses are available for between £100 and £300 and what we have found is that they simply don't generate enough pressure to be able to get a reasonable return from your material and so it ends up wasting a lot of your material where it simply can't squeeze the oil out. The Rosinbomb M50 is capable of squeezing everything possible out of your material without resorting to a massive 20 ton press which is something that most home users can't stretch to. Thanks to it's decent size plates and massive pressure it can squash up to 14 grams of material on each press without losing any efficiency so you can press a lot of material in not much time if that is what you need to do.

Quiet, discreet and easy to store

Thanks to it's fully electric operation and the complete lack of external pumps the M50 is exceptionally quiet and won't draw attention while it's compact size and simple design make it easy to just put away store between uses so it won't get in the way. This press is without a doubt the absolute king of home presses and you'll never regret choosing this over any of the other options. Simple, quiet, reliable and incredibly efficient, the M50 is worth every penny.

You even have the peace of mind of 1 year warranty on the electronic components and 5 years warranty on the structural materials so you know that if the worst happens you are fully covered.