Lift Ticket Terpene and CBD Cones - Guava


Lift Ticket Terpene and CBD Cones - Guava

  • Infused with terpenes from California's finest growers
  • Infused with 10mg of CBD
  • Zero THC content so 100% legal
  • Adds exotic flavour to your joints 

Lift Ticket Guava Terpene and CBD Cones

Lift Tickets are a great way to add some exotic flavouring to your smoke session. Each one is infused with terpenes from growers across California and makes every smoke that little bit more special. Each one is supplied individually in a glass tube and these particular cone are 84mm long with terpenes from the Guava strain along with 10mg of CBD.

These cones are infused with terpenes and CBD ONLY and do not contain any THC.