Sherblato 19% - CBD Flower - 3.5g


Sherblato 19% - CBD Flower - 3.5g

  • Ultra low THC levels (<0.1%)
  • High quality flower grown in Switzerland
  • 19% CBD

Sherblato CBD Flower from The Hot Box

Here at The Hot Box, quality means everything to us. That's why you'll never find fakes or clones either in our store or on our site. If we can't find a product from an existing brand that meets our needs, we do it ourselves. That is exactly the situation we found ourselves in with CBD flower, we've had several brands in store over the last two years and none met with our exacting standards.

After searching across the industry and throughout Europe we finally found a firm in Switzerland that could provide very high quality flower at a price which gives our customers great value for money and means they can medicate cost effectively.

Each strain comes in 3.5g (0.125oz) packs and there are several strains available with different flavour and terpene profiles. This Sherblato strain tastes amazing and contains approximately 19% CBD while still having less than 0.1% THC, meaning there is absolutely no psychoactive effect, so you can take it without worrying about being able to do everything you need to get done.

Please note, as stated above, these products contain essentially zero THC and so will NOT get you high.